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The Reappearing Lesbian
Transparency Podcast

The Lesbian Project Podcast
Sasha White - After 20 years as a trans man, warning kids not to transition
LGB Alliance Canada - Episode #1
LGB Alliance Australia - A lesbian with a beard

Gender a Wider Lens - Intersex, Identity & Ideology with Aaron Kimberly
The Unspeakable Podcast - When Queer Theory Meets Medical Practice...

Benjamin A Boyce - How Queer Theory Interferes with Good Therapy

In Context - Gender Dysphoria/Trans Issues
Benjamin A Boyce - The Corruption of Gender Medicine
Benjamin A Boyce - Bullying in the Trans Community
True North - The reality of transitioning from a trans man

Graham Linehan - A chat with transman Aaron Kimberly
Upperhand Mars - Aaron Kimberly on the reality of transition

Panel Presentations/Debates
MIT Free Speech Alliance Great Debate - Is Sex Binary?
Fair in Medicine - How Activism Impacts Transgender Healthcare

Genspect - College Symposium - Evolution of Trans Medicine

Articles (authored by Aaron)
Substack - The Bearded Lesbian
Genspect - Carving out Space for Masculinized Women
Genspect - Transition in Hindsight
True North  - What Nobody Told Me about Transition But Should Have

Articles (Aaron interviewed)
New York Times - As kids, They thought they were trans. They no longer do. 
Medscape - WPATH Removes Age Limits From Transgender Treatment Guidelines
Gender Clinic News - Shaky Foundations
EPOCH TIMES - Advocacy Group Tells Medical Societies to Ditch Transgender Ideology
EPOCH TIMES - Major Association of US Doctors Makes Official Statement on Transgender Procedures for Minors
Daily Mail - American Academy of Pediatrics is accused of pushing trans-identifying teens towards 'nuclear option' ...

Daily Wire - Transsexuals Pen Letter Asking U.S.-Based Medical Organizations To Reject Ideology In Favor Of Evidence
National Post - Canadians who reverse gender transition need better care, advocates say

Quillette - When Trans Activism Becomes Government Policy

New York Sun - Beleaguered World Health Organization Wades Into Transgender Debate...
National Post - Canada too quick to treat gender dysphoria in minors with hormones, surgery: critics
EPOCH TIMES - Critics Say BC's Self ID Gender Policy Opens Door to Abuse

Legal Deposition - National Lavender Green Caucus vs Georgia Green Party

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